50 Things To Do On The First, Second, And Third Date!


One of your Tinder matches has suddenly agreed to meet you IRL, in real life.

It feels like you won the lottery or were hit by lightning because people usually match with you without answering. You are excited, delighted and at the same time quite scared. Because what are you and your date actually going to do? You want to avoid all kinds of situations where a stiff mood can arise.

Here are some tips on activities to suggest for your date. These activities will allow you to have a nice time, even if you run out of topics of conversation.

1. Grab a coffe together

Grab a coffe together

Coffee is a classic and an unforced form to socialize with. You can sit and drink tea and have a nice conversation in a cozy environment.

Plus: Cozy. Can leave quickly if the call or chemistry is off.

Minus: Eating and drinking in front of your date.

2. Go on a walk

Go on a walk

You can walk in the city, park or a green area. Conversations are easier to carry while walking. In addition, it is a free activity.

Plus: Nervousness decreases with movement.

Minus: If you get short of breath easily.

3. Dinner at a restaurant

Dinner at a restaurant

Cooking together is nice if you are both foodies who enjoy food. Cozy if the restaurant offers a dish that can be divided into two.

Plus: You have to eat anyway.

Minus: Can be difficult to eat nicely and talk at the same time.

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4. See a movie

See a movie

Creeping into the cinema darkness is cozy. It is important that the film is just good enough so you do not forget each other. Maybe you could hold hands?

Plus: You can bond over sharing popcorn cups.

Minus: Not a lot of conversation to be had.

5. Picnic

Picnic Date

A small picnic is a cozy date in good weather. You can both contribute with picnic food and enjoy a nice view and good food.

Plus: You will find out if your date can fix picnic food.

Minus: If your date did not make an effort.

6. Play minigolf

Play minigolf

A reasonably difficult activity most people can master. You notice if your date is caring and fun to be around. You can easily talk while you play.

Plus: An activity that does not take too long.

Minus: If your date is a bad loser or a cheater.

7. Go for a hike

Go for a hike

If you are an outdoor person, you can experience nature together, which is a nice and relaxed way to socialize. Bring a lunch bag!

Plus: Movement reduces nervousness.

Minus: Possible shoe chafing.

8. Grab a drink

Grab a drink

Meeting up at a nice bar or pub is perfect. Nervousness decreases with alcohol in the body. Do not forget to drink some water!

Plus: You learn the alcohol preferences of the date.

Minus: If “take a glass” means five, six glasses for your date.

9. Go to an amusement park

Go to an amusement park

If you like rides and adrenaline kicks, the amusement park is right for you. An intense experience together with a date leads to bonding.

Plus: It is romantic in theme parks in the evening.

Minus: If you easily get motion sickness.

10. Go to a party

Go to a party

Going to a party together is good if you have mutual friends. There are music and dancing opportunities.

Plus: To dance together.

Minus: Your date may be mingling better than you.

11. Play a boardgame

Game night

If you both like table games, it’s nice to play together, with or without friends. You share a common interest and have fun together.

Plus: You build more opportunities to see each other again.

Minus: If your date is a bad loser.

12. Hangout at the beach

Hangout at the beach

A good summer activity. Find a solitary bathing place where you can be at peace. Swim and soak in the sun. Lubricate each other with sunscreen.

Plus: Natural opportunities for physical closeness.

Minus: Can feel uncomfortable to show up in swimwear.

13. Take a dance lesson

Take a dance lesson

It is romantic and exciting to take a dance class together. In addition, it is fun and you get physical proximity at the same time. Perfect if both have good coordination.

Plus: Fun and can be sensual.

Minus: Possible poor coordination or wrong type of dance.

14. Hangout in a park

Hangout in a park

In fine weather, a blanket and some music are enough for a nice date. For perfection, you add good conversation and nice nature.

Plus: Simple and easily accessible.

Minus: Can get stale if the conversation dries up.

15. Netflix and chill

Netflix and chill

If you like both movies, a movie night is perfect. Recharge with good snacks and lit candles. Easy to talk during the film and cuddle under a blanket.

Plus: Intimate and relaxed at home.

Minus: It may be harder to break up the date.

16. Go to a spa

Go to a spa

Dating at the day spa is luxurious and it is an activity that is soothing and romantic.

Plus: Really nice and relaxing.

Minus: Can be a costly date.

17. Sauna


Bathing in a sauna is a hot tip for a date, especially if you are alone in the sauna. It is a good chance to look into each other and relax.

Plus: It’s relaxing.

Minus: It can be a short date if the sauna is very hot.

18. Winter bathing

Winter bathing

If it is winter and you want to do something exciting and trendy, take the opportunity to take a winter bath. You get to experience something special, which is a good basis for more dates.

Plus: It is exciting and will be a good memory.

Minus: Someone might turn out to be a coward.

19. Bike ride

Bike ride

If you both have bikes, you can ride around together. Have a cozy place as a destination where you can continue the date and talk.

Plus: Shared interest and hobby as well as fresh air.

Minus: If someone gets a puncture on the bike.

20. Go to a concert

Go to a concert

Do you have the same taste in music or want to listen to a new band together so why not go to a gig? Listening to good music is a great way to share euphoric feelings and dance together.

Plus: Positive shared experience.

Minus: If the music is bad.

21. Go to a museum

If you both like culture, a visit to a museum is a good date. Especially if it is an interactive museum where you can try different things.

Plus: Interesting and gives good topics of conversation.

Minus: If the museum is very boring.

22. Mini-trip

If you live in a big city, it is possible to go to a new district and explore it together. Take the car there and check out the surroundings and some cozy dining.

Plus: You get to experience something new together.

Minus: There may not be anything to do wherever you go.

23. Outdoor cinema

In some places during the summer, movies are shown outdoors in a park. It’s a unique thing to do together. Bring your picnic and a bottle of wine.

Plus: High coziness factor and romantic.

Minus: Risk of small insects or mosquitoes intruding.

24. Evening dip

On a warm summer evening, it is perfect to take an evening dip. You can watch the sunset together afterwards.

Plus: Nice to swim on a warm evening.

Minus: If it’s crowded at the swimming area.

25. Roadtrip

Going on a road trip to explore new places becomes a spontaneous and adventurous date.

Plus: Spontaneous and improvised.

Minus: If there is nothing fun to discover.

26. Play croquet

In fine weather, an easy outdoor activity such as croquet is suitable. A reasonably strenuous activity with space for conversation.

Plus: You can sit down in the grass and talk afterwards.

Minus: If your date does not like croquet.

27. Dog walk

If one of you has a dog, you can go for a dog walk. You have time to talk while you go for a walk in the woods.

Plus: You have the dog as an alternative topic of conversation.

Minus: The dog may not like you.

28. Playpark

Do you not mind being childish and can enjoy slides, tunnels, climbing ropes and climbing frames? Go for it, it will definitely lead to laughter.

Plus: You will have fun.

Minus: Small children might intrude on your fun.

29. Go inline skating

A fast-paced date. If you both have good balance and can ride downhill without falling, you can go for a ride.

Plus: You can impress each other.

Minus: Gravel on the road.

30. Ghost walk

In some cities, there is a ghost walk. It will be an eerie and adrenaline-filled date if you are easily intimidated. There is a chance to hold your date’s hand.

Plus: An exciting experience.

Minus: Nightmares of the hike or the date.

31. Ice skating

On a cold day, ice skating and hot chocolate are perfect. You can also grill sausages over an open fire and cuddle by the fire after dusk.

Plus: You can help each other keep the balance.

Minus: You might be freezing.

32. Go to Ikea

You can ask your date for interior design tips and take the date to Ikea.

Plus: You notice if it’s a keeper.

Minus: Your date does not like shopping.

33. Go on a rave

If you both like techno and trance music, a rave party is a wonderful idea. You dance together all night long.

Plus: You can hang out for a long time.

Minus: You can hang out for a long time.

34. Play pool

A reasonably difficult activity where your date may show you how to hold the stick. You can talk and have a drink at the same time.

Plus: You might make a really good move.

Minus: You might not hit the white ball.

35. Go bowling

Bowling is a classic activity suitable for dating. Even if you are bad at getting the skittles down, you can have a nice evening.

Plus: Fun to compete.

Minus: Sad if you lose.

36. Canoeing

Canoeing is a relaxing and scenic experience to share with your date. You will also get some exercise!

Plus: To be in nature.

Minus: Exercise pain in the arms.

37. Go for a tip walk

If you want a simple date but still a challenge, a tip walk is a good idea. It involves both a walk and a quiz in one. Who knows most?

Plus: You will find out the general education of the date.

Minus: The date is a know-it-all.

38. Improvisation theater

This is a very challenging activity that requires you to dare to let go and be confident in yourself. A date for the brave.

Plus: You get to see a new side of each other.

Minus: If you do not dare to challenge yourself.

39. Couples yoga

Perfect for you who like to train together. Try exercising with each other as a tool in couple yoga. It can be a harmonious and intimate moment.

Plus: You get closeness.

Minus: If your date or you are too stiff.

40. Seance

If you are curious about the spiritual, you can explore that world together by going to a session. It can be a transformative and exciting date.

Plus: You might get in touch with spirits.

Minus: You may come in contact with the wrong spirits.

41. Climb trees

Why not climb a big tree with your date and have a picnic there? Will be a new experience that you will both remember.

Plus: Good view.

Minus: If you are afraid of heights.

42. Go by boat

There is always something special about being out on the lake. Take a boat out to some archipelago island and explore it.

Plus: Interesting in a new environment.

Minus: If someone gets seasick.

43. Go fishing

Fishing is a quiet and soothing activity that is suitable if you know each other and are not vegetarians.

Plus: There is no compulsion to talk.

Minus: The date may scare the fish.

44. Croquis paiting

For the brave, croquis painting can be a good fit. It’s definitely a challenging activity where you get to explore each other in a different way.

Plus: You get to see more of your date.

Minus: You get to see too much of your date.

45. Climbing

If you like adventure, climbing is the right activity. You should have a guide with you if this is your first time. It is guaranteed to be an exciting date.

Plus: You can secure each other.

Minus: Different levels of knowledge in climbing.

46. Attend a course

Learn something new together. Choose something that you are interested in and take a one-day course to lay a good foundation for your dating.

Plus: A new experience.

Minus: Boring lecturer.

47. Visit a haunted house

If you like ghosts and spirits, you can get an unforgettable memory if you visit a haunted house. Scary worse.

Plus: An unusually scary date.

Minus: If someone gets too scared.

48. Train together

Exercising together is a good source of endorphins. In addition, you can encourage each other and reward yourself with good food afterwards.

Plus: You become stronger.

Minus: You’re sweating.

49. Drink evening

Buy ingredients for your favourite drinks and dress in nice clothes. It’s going to be a crazy night!

Plus: Cheerful atmosphere.

Minus: Possible hangover.

50. Pat and watch animals

Go to a nearby farm and look at the animals, the coziness factor can be really high!

Plus: You notice if the date is an animal lover.

Minus: If your date is talking about eating meat.


What is a good opening line?

Ask or comment on something that is in the person’s presentation to show genuine interest.

How soon should I meet up with someone?

Start with what feels safe and comfortable for yourself.

Is there anything I absolutely should not do?

Do not ask for undressed pictures or send unsolicited undressed pictures.

Where is a good place for a first date?

In a public place, preferably with other people around because you do not know the person yet.

Is it okay to comment on someone’s appearance?

The best thing is to give compliments about the personality instead of the look.

Do I have to have a picture in my presentation on the dating site?

No, you do not have to, but there is a greater chance that you will get in touch if people know what you look like.